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'I once read that, in France, memoir is classified alongside fiction, rather than non-fiction. Perhaps there is a logic to that. I like to believe that my own memory is the 'true' version of what happened, but we all create our own truths.'
'You are reading what I wrote. It's as close to thought transference as we're ever likely to get, but I cannot gauge the effect my words will have on you, or which words in particular will affect you, or thrill you, or discomfort you.'
'For me, the process of writing introduces a persistent, consuming, urgency in my head, but paradoxically it also has a calming effect; an ongoing book project gives me purpose.'
'The list of Important Books That I Haven't Read is not as long as it was, but I'm now virtually guilt-free about not reading many of them, and I feel no guilt at reading so-called 'airport thrillers'.'
'It's only now, when I start to really pick and choose, that I find that the writing I find inspirational is often to do with water, islands, and the sea.'
'Trying to blow away the gathering clouds of certitude that trying to be a writer in what many regard as a post-literary world is a foolish, pointless and economically ruinous endeavour. '
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