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The writing usually begins with an intuition of structure and rhythm, rather than the words themselves. Even workaday pieces, like book reviews, have this primary rhythmic identity.
Writing biography, one of the great challenges is to remain disinterested; to always resist any temptation to identify with your subject.

Helena Drysdale speaks with James McConnachie about the treasure trove of her ancestors’ archives, her study of minority ethnic populations in Europe and the endangered languages that help define them, the colonial impositions of the English language, and why you should ask when you don’t know.

Women who write are as blood-curdlingly ambitious for fame, acclaim and money as the next person, and just as desperate to get their name plastered... across their book jacket.

Michael McMillan speaks with Gabriel Gbadamosi about growing up in Buckinghamshire and London, the ongoing influence of his widely-toured ‘front room’ installation, the role of music in black British culture, and the important culture and politics of the 1970s.

Horatio Clare reflects on the challenges and rewards of researching and writing about his parents’ divorce, and its impact on him as a child.

Trish Cooke speaks with Caroline Sanderson about her children’s picturebooks and the eerie prescience of some of her illustrators, exploring fairytales in books and pantomime, and the real-life tragic roots of a dramatic work for Black Lives Matter.