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Clare Morgan explores the influence of early bereavement on her writing and traces her mother’s legacy through her own body of work.
'I’d rewrite Shakespeare’s Tempest. I hadn’t read it, but Caliban was all I needed to know. I re-formed the play to my own dream-vision, but the lavish production I envisaged was stymied by the realities of a small market town and adult scepticism.'
Nick Caistor revisits Les Chants de Maldoror, an early surrealist work that influenced him as a student, finding new insight into the novel itself and the influence of the mysterious writer behind it.
'The real revelation for me was that the genius Beethoven came across as a very normal artist; one of us, in fact. I changed absolutely nothing in the content. From the start of the letter he pulls no punches...'

Kathleen Jones revisits the remote hill farm she grew up on in Cumbria, and the landscape that shaped her.

Catherine O'Flynn explores the hidden spaces of Merry Hill, the suburban shopping centre where she used to work.

Doug Johnstone ponders his adopted city of Edinburgh, a literary capital that he was nervous of using as a setting for his novels.

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