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Wendy Moore speaks with Catherine O’Flynn about the loss of diversity and career opportunities in journalism, historical characters who demand to be written about, and her motivation to find parallels between the past and the present.

In ‘My Hero', we talk to a number of RLF writers about their personal heroes, and how those heroes have had an impact on their lives and their writing.

I still employ that childhood sweet-shop approach of chancing upon an author I like then consuming all her, or his, books one after another until they are gone.
I feel a kick in the stomach, a tug at the heart, and I know that this germ of an idea might just grow into my next book, but I need to be sure before I commit myself to three years of total absorption.
Her fear of hypnosis did not stop Wendy Moore from undergoing it, as part of the research for her novel. Its subject was the Okey sisters, who amazed 1830s London by performing feats while apparently under hypnosis. Would Moore enter a trance? Could she, like the Okey sisters, shrug off electric shocks?
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