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'Writing is dreams caught in butterfly nets. It’s falling in love for the first time. It’s adventures my knees are too old to have. And mysteries my brain is too dull to solve. Writing is my escape. My means of coming back to myself. I write because I love it.'
If Deenie was cool, that meant it was okay to have scoliosis and not the shameful secret it had once felt like. It affected the relationship I had with my own body and spurred me on to explore other writing about disability, and to write my own.
''I never thought I was important. People in books — they’re important. So, when I found a girl in a book who was like me, when I read about her, that makes me feel important. So when I get to the end, I just go straight back to the beginning again.’'

Lucy Jago and our host Julia Copus speak about three objects that have a special significance in Lucy's writing life, and Lucy passes on three of her top writing tips, in 'Three Little Things'.

'When I switched from adult fiction to YA, I was suddenly and acutely more aware of my readers than I had been before. Even at the planning and note-taking stage for my first teenage novel, I caught myself wondering: what do people your age want?'
'Millenials are consuming literature but they are doing so in different ways. Sales of e-books have hit a plateau but audiobooks are becoming ever more popular, as people listen while undertaking other activities, such as driving or exercising. '
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