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Patrick Ness

Novelist, Short-story writer

Patrick Ness is a novelist and short story writer. He knows this because he’s published a novel and a short story collection. He may also be a vegan farmer, a capitalist pyramid-schemer, a female manga artist or a fly fishing instructor; he won’t know himself until his next book comes out.

His novel is The Crash of Hennington (2003), a surreal comedy involving a herd of rhinoceros, and his short story collection is Topics About Which I Know Nothing (2004), which has no rhinos of any kind but is still quite good. He has won the J. B. Priestley Award and the Arts Council Award. Patrick has written for Radio 3 and Radio 4.

For his sins, he teaches creative writing at Oxford University, is a book critic for the Guardian, writes features for the Sunday Telegraph, and clearly has a very short attention span. He has no hobbies of any kind, as he lives full time in a nunnery in Bromley.

Patrick Ness


Goldsmiths, University of London 2006/07
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