Writing for Self-Expression

Writing for Self-Expression allows participants to explore their thoughts, feelings and experiences through reading, writing and conversation. The workshops are intended to foster personal awareness, resilience and wellbeing. By putting ideas into words, writing can be a transformative way to overcome trauma and promote personal growth.

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Who we work with

The impact on our clients has been nothing short of extraordinary … they have shared how the course has been a turning point in their mental health, providing a creative and empowering outlet during challenging times.

Community Charity Co-ordinator

I really value the sense of connection with others that this course facilitates. I like the feeling that it is a safe environment, and I feel less isolated when I’m here. I feel honoured to hear other people’s stories that come out as a response to the poems we look at. I wish I could do this course all the time.

Community Charity participant

The workshops are so thought-provoking. They give me the confidence to speak out in a group and to write down and express my feelings. The workshops have brought things back to memory that I’d previously forgotten. They have made me realise all the strong things I have done and problems I’ve overcome.

Community Charity participant

I was apprehensive about joining as I am not very creative … I was worried about talking about my experiences in front of others, but it felt like a supportive and kind group, a really safe space to be able to reflect on the difficulties of motherhood.

Community Charity participant

This workshop brought me back to myself when I had become a little lost as a new mother. It is, without a doubt, the best course I’ve ever attended. I felt found, heard, and inspired to do more.

Community Charity participant


We all struggle to express ourselves sometimes and find the right words. Writing for Self-Expression is about finding the words to express what you’re feeling and thinking.

We tend to work with NHS Recovery Colleges, Trades Unions, and organisations such as Doctors in Distress. If your own local organisation doesn’t run an RLF Writing for Self-Expression group, see if you can get them to contact us.

You will be introduced to some poems which you’ll then discuss. Afterwards, you’ll be given the opportunity to write a response. If you like, you can share this with the group but there’s no pressure to do so.

You will share in the reading and discussion of poetry that will inspire you to write for yourself.

You can if you like, but it’s entirely your choice. Sometimes people prefer to keep their writing private, other times they like to listen to and discuss what other people have written.

Everybody has important and interesting things to write. In a Writing for Self-Expression group, it doesn’t matter about grammar or punctuation; it’s all about the words you feel inspired to use.