Workplace Writing Skills

Most people have to write well to fulfil their role effectively at work. Whether it’s emails, reports, case studies, or blogs, writing is essential for success in today’s working environment. Our workshops are designed to help people boost their confidence and improve the quality of their work.

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The most beneficial part was being made aware of the purpose of reflection. The workshop has increased my confidence in writing reflectively and should put me in good stead for my HEE accreditation for advanced practice.

Trades Union participant

The impact on our clients has been nothing short of extraordinary, as evidenced by the outpouring of positive feedback from all involved. They have shared how the course has been a turning point for their mental health, providing a creative and empowering outlet during challenging times.

Community Charity

The RLF Fellow explained and broke down the elements of writing for publication into manageable chunks. It made writing for publication feel like if approached in a structured way, it was achievable and not as daunting. They also made me challenge my thoughts to get the best version of my writing.

Writing for Publication for Trades Union participant


Ask your workplace if they run RLF Writing Skills workshops, and if they don’t, ask them to contact us.

We aim for no more than 15 in a workshop. Usually, there are between 8 and 12 participants.

They are not so much academic as purposeful. We aim for people to leave the workshop with renewed confidence and even sometimes with a new skill.

Yes, and occasionally, we run a hybrid workshop, so some people are in the room, and others join via a videoconferencing link.

We deliver a range of sessions, including Report Writing, Case Studies, Reflective Writing, Writing for Publication, and Funding Applications. Our general workshop on Writing Confidence is often a good place for beginners to start.

If you wish, we can give you a certificate proving that you’ve attended an RLF Writing Skills workshop and completed it successfully.

We aim to teach people in the workplace skills that anyone can use, regardless of their experience as a writer. We stress the importance of simplicity, story-telling, and careful editing, as principles of good writing apply to everyone.