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RLF Consultant Fellows build on the work undertaken by RLF Fellows in UK universities. Where the Fellowship scheme focuses primarily on working one-to-one with students, Consultant Fellows run group writing workshops with undergraduates, postgraduates and staff.

After working for at least two years as an RLF Fellow, writers on our Consultant Fellows Register undergo intensive training focused on the design and facilitation of group workshops, training that includes the research-informed teaching and learning frameworks fundamental to success. Ongoing peer- and critical self-reflection ensure that Consultant Fellows deliver the highest standards of professional practice in writing-related teaching and learning for the benefit of university clients.

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What Consultant Fellows provide

Consultant Fellows provide a fully rounded service, offering face-to-face and online writing workshops and other interventions. From first contact to embedding the learning in staff or student work practices, they will tailor the workshops to meet your needs and those of your staff and students.

We can run a two-hour or half-day session or even a two-day intensive workshop or week-long writing retreat to meet the exact needs of your students and staff.

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Each of our RLF Fellows brings different qualities based on their experience and interests. Find the right professional writer to run your workshops at your university or college.

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