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Trevor Day

Non-fiction writer

Trevor Day is a non-fiction writer who has written widely across the life sciences and earth sciences. He now specialises in marine issues and in academic writing and learning development. Originally a marine biologist with the United Nations Development Programme, Trevor’s subsequent career has included being a science teacher, an educational consultant and a learning developer in higher education.

Among his many books for children are Journey to the Centre of the Atom (Kingfisher), which was shortlisted for the Rhône-Poulenc (now Royal Society) junior science prize in 1997, and Youch, It Bites! (Templar), listed for the English 4–11 picture books award in 2000. Adult works include Whale Watcher (Natural History Museum, 2006), the revised edition of Oceans (Facts on File, 2008) and Sardine (Reaktion, 2018).

Trevor is unusual in having academic research experience in both science and social science. He devised and led the Consultant Fellows’ programme (2013–21), which trains RLF Fellows and former-Fellows to work with groups of students or staff in universities. Students and staff respond warmly to Trevor’s book, Success in Academic Writing (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018), which adopts a pragmatic yet holistic approach.

Trevor is passionate about marine conservation. He delights in snorkelling and wild swimming setting such experiences within a wider context for newspapers, magazines and books. Trevor lives in a village amid Wiltshire’s ancient landscape with his wife Christina and a fishpond.

Trevor Day


Trevor is a Consultant Fellow offering writing workshops and related activities.


University of Bath 2007-11
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