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Marcy Kahan & ‘Why I Write’ showcase

Marcy Kahan shares an exciting writing week with us in this nightly audio diary.

Babs Horton, Neil Hanson, Esther Selsdon, Philip Caveney, Susan Price and David Spencer tell us about why they write, as featured in the Vox section of the RLF’s Showcase.

Episode: 16
Date: 07-05-2015
Length: 35:47
Marcy Kahan & ‘Why I Write’ showcase
Image Credit: Image cedit: Jo McCrum

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Steven Pinker speaks with his old friend and schoolmate, the RLF’s Marcy Kahan, about his writing and editing process, why the Enlightenment matters more than ever, why the world is actually better than it used to be, and some approaches to achieving happiness.

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