• How we help writers
    “If you're in the middle of
    your career and you think
    you're hitting a bit of a
    blank wall… the RLF is
    one of the first places
    I would go to.”
  • How we help writers
    “I turned to the RLF
    and they supported me,
    not just financially.
    They encouraged me;
    they were a listening ear,
    almost like family.”
  • How we help writers
    “The RLF came
    through for me
    and it just totally
    lightened my heart…
    and actually you need
    to have a light heart
    to be creative.”
  • How we help writers
    “It wasn't just the
    financial support, it was
    the sense of validation
    as an author, the feeling
    that somebody had shown
    some faith in what
    I'd been writing.”

Welcome to the Royal Literary Fund

The Royal Literary Fund is a UK charity that has been helping authors since 1790. It provides grants and pensions to writers in financial difficulty; it also places writers in universities to help students develop their writing.

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    Grants & Pensions

    The RLF supports
    professional writers
    through grants and
    pensions for writers
    in financial difficulty.

  • FellowshipsSlide


    RLF Fellows provide
    individual writing
    support to students
    through the UK-wide
    Fellowship programme.

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    Online writing guides
    offer students
    practical help to
    develop their writing.