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Fellow and students The RLF Consultant Fellows Register builds on the work that RLF Fellows have been undertaking in universities across the UK since 1999. While the primary focus of the Fellowship scheme is working one-to-one with students, writers can play a larger role, bringing a fresh perspective to facilitating writing development with groups of undergraduates and postgraduates and enhancing the professional development of researchers and other staff.

All writers on the Consultant Fellows Register have worked for at least two years as RLF Writing Fellows and then undergo intensive training, in which they design and facilitate group activities for students. They are observed by mentors, and by each other, and developmental feedback is systematically gathered from participants and observers. Trainees subsequently engage in work experience at one or more of 17 universities involved in the CF training scheme. During such placements trainees receive feedback on their practice from student participants, observers and the university client. Finally, when trainees have completed the earlier phases of training satisfactorily, they must demonstrate their commitment to reflective practice by keeping learning logs and other records, and by writing a critical reflective account. This integrates their knowledge of teaching and learning frameworks with their ongoing practice and helps ensure that CFs deliver the highest standards of professional practice in writing-related teaching and learning for the benefit of university clients.

Further information:
RLF Consultant Fellows

What CFs offer

Consultant Fellows offer a bespoke service, tailoring learning interventions to meet your needs and those of your staff and students.

Examples of activities they facilitate include:

  • essay-writing workshops for undergraduates: 1-2 hour, half-day, full-day or longer
  • immersives: extending over 2 days or more and providing a blend of in-depth group work combined with one-to-one guidance
  • one- to two-day workshops aimed at increasing the quality and quantity of publications for staff and postgraduates

Consultants provide a fully-rounded service, from first contact to embedding the learning in staff or student work practices.

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