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RLF Reading Round is a unique network of reading groups, which are run for 30 weeks by a published writer.

  • Week on week, the writer introduces the group to specially selected short stories, poems, essays or articles. Each piece is chosen for its originality, ability to inspire, delight and challenge, unique viewpoint and sheer enjoyment. There’s no reading to be done either before or after the sessions.
  • Readers are introduced to an exceptionally wide and varied selection of literature.
  • Guided by the writer, the group discusses each text in detail. What effect does it have on us as we read? How does the writer achieve that effect?


Group participants:

  • Discover all manner of writing from all corners of the world.
  • Travel deep into a text.
  • Explore how writing works and come to understand the choices a writer makes along the way; to create a character, achieve an effect, make the text sing.
  • Listen, share, discuss with others in their group.
  • Go on an amazing journey with a close-knit group, over 30 weeks.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How is Reading Round different from other reading groups?
A. There’s no homework or any kind of preparation. The writer (or Lector, as the group leader is called) will supply all the texts – you don’t have to buy them. You will read two new texts every week, a poem and a short story (or other piece of prose).

Q. What happens during a typical Reading Round session?
A. The text will be read out loud to you by the writer, and then you will discuss how the writing works, what it’s about, what choices the writer has made when writing it.

Q. What are the benefits of Reading Round?
A. You will gain experience in reading, thinking and talking about all kinds of writing; you will read and discuss a wide variety of texts; you will become more aware of language and how it’s used. And you will become part of a close-knit group intent on exploring fine literature together.

Q. What skills do I need to attend a group?
A. No skills or qualifications are necessary. All you need is a willingness to listen to others and be receptive to new ideas, to be open-minded and to appreciate that different people have different points of view. And you need to be curious to know how great writing works.

Q. Can I join if I have sight-loss or am blind? What about deafness or other disability?
A. All the texts are read aloud, and you will have a copy to read for yourself. The groups are run in venues with good access. Everyone is welcome.

Q. How many sessions are there and do I need to attend them all?
A. There are thirty sessions in a year, each 90 minutes long. You will find that the group really bonds over the weeks, and that your presence matters, but of course everyone will understand if you have to miss the odd session.

Q. Who leads the sessions?
A. Sessions are led by a published, experienced writer, selected by The Royal Literary Fund, Britain’s oldest literary organization.

Q. I’m shy and not confident about speaking in a group – can I still join?
A. Certainly you can. There’s no pressure to speak but you’ll probably find you want to join in sooner or later.

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