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Craig Borlase

Non-fiction writer

Craig Borlase writes non-fiction for American Christians. He writes for some British ones too, as well as making the occasional trip outside the world of religion to consider issues of poverty, development and social justice. Having started as a charity magazine editor, he spent his twentysomething years as a ghostwriter, copywriter and teacher of English at local secondary schools.

More recent work has resulted in books on honesty and vulnerability, The Naked Christian (Relevant Books, 2005), the pursuit of a less self-centred life, God’s Gravity (Relevant Books, 2006), and a biography of the founder of the modern Pentecostal movement, William Seymour: A Biography (Charisma House, 2006). He lives in Buckinghamshire with his wife and two children and blogs on his website.

Craig Borlase


Middlesex University 2006/07
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