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Robert Hudson

Novelist, Playwright

Robert Hudson is a novelist, playwright and comedy writer. His first book, The Kilburn Social Club (Jonathan Cape, 2009), was a contemporary state of the nation fantasy set in a Liberal Utopian football club. His second, The Dazzle (Jonathan Cape, 2013), was a historical novel set in the (incredibly) real world of glamorous big game fishing in nineteen-thirties Scarborough. He has written the books for many musicals including, with Jeremy Sams, Chichester’s A Damsel in Distress (2015) and with Marie Phillips he has written four series for Radio 4 (Warhorses of Letters, Some Hay in a Manger).

Since 2009, he has run Tall Tales, a comedy night which originally existed as a place to air fun ideas with no other obvious outlet. Starting with Warhorses of Letters, it has sent many series to Radio 4. Similarly, his Christmas shows for The Mighty Fin, mostly with Susannah Pearse, have led to the musical book-writing side of his career and now serve as first drafts of work in progress.

Before becoming a full-time writer, Robert did a PhD on the British origins of segregation in South Africa. Among other teaching, he helped scientists who had joined the history and philosophy of science faculty and who lacked confidence in essay writing. He spent most of 2017 as artist in residence in a bee behaviour laboratory at Queen Mary, University of London and he has played over a thousand matches of hockey. He is writing a book about a dignitary.

Robert Hudson


Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge Campus 2017-19
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