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Sally Kindberg

Children's writer, Non-fiction writer

Sally Kindberg is an author, illustrator and comic strip maker who has written and illustrated more than thirty children’s nonfiction books, and hugely enjoyed researching them. During her long career she wrote a column for the Independent and many travel features for newspapers and magazines. Travel commissions involved her attending Elf School in Iceland and sailing on a tall ship to Lisbon.

Knowledge she acquired during her City of London guide training in 2006 later led to her writing Draw It! London, one of a series of children’s books published by Bloomsbury. During her research she interviewed people with a wide variety of specialist jobs, such as a woman officer in the Thames River Police, hoping these interviews would encourage young readers to consider all sorts of possibilities.

Sally’s work is often concerned with a combination of text and image in sequential narrative, with elements of humour. Her workshops for children, adults and families have taken place in venues as diverse as China, Pentonville prison and the Outer Hebrides. Her published list includes The Comic Strip History of Space, also published by Bloomsbury, and in 2017 she ran space-themed workshops for astrophysicists at the British Science Festival.

She is currently involved in commissioned work, and developing a graphic novel about displacement and identity. She has a daughter, lives in London, loves exploring the Thames and enjoys mudlarking along its shores. She continues to be curious and write about many things and is a member of the Society of Authors.

Sally Kindberg


City & Guilds of London School of Art 2018-20
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