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Sometimes bad things happen to good writers. That’s why the Royal Literary Fund is here.
From illness to bereavement, from credit card debt to work drying up, we all go through hard times. If you are a commercially published writer struggling with financial difficulties, we could help. Established in 1790, we’ve helped some of the best-known names in the business during times of hardship, among them novelists, poets, playwrights, screenwriters and translators. To be eligible, you need to have had 2 works published (or scripts/ plays performed) commercially. Whether it’s money or personal problems that are preventing you from writing, our panel will review your case in confidence to see if we can offer financial support. Get in touch today:
Writing may be a solitary process, but you are not alone.

‘This is what the Royal Literary Fund does. It doesn’t just remove the financial worry; it also gives you an enormous boost to your confidence… it buys you time to think.’

Writers we’ve helped

Wendy Oberman’s story

Millie Murray’s story

John O’Donoghue’s story


The RLF helps professional authors in financial difficulties. Our grants support writers in all sorts of practical ways – from fixing the roof to buying a mobility scooter, or helping with care costs. We also provide annual grants to older writers.


RLF Fellowships allow writers to supplement their income by working part-time in universities, using their skills as a writer to help students and staff. Fellowships are awarded on suitability for the work and are not means-tested.

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