About the RLF

The Royal Literary Fund is a benevolent fund for professional published authors; it is funded exclusively by bequests and donations from writers and others who wish to help writers.

We give help to writers in many different situations where personal or professional setbacks have resulted in loss of income. We also provide pensions for older writers who have seen their earnings decrease. This work helps around 200 writers every year.



The RLF also runs a Fellowship scheme for writers in partnership with universities. Writers work one-to-one with students, using their expertise in language and communication to help them develop their essay writing.

Writing Fellows are appointed based on their literary merit and aptitude for the role, and irrespective of their financial circumstances. This year 91 Fellows are working in 56 universities across the nations of the UK.

'I thought then – and still think – that the RLF is one of the most worthwhile committees on which I have served, because it is entirely practical, giving help quickly to writers facing disaster and supporting those who can no longer help themselves by providing them with pensions.'  
       — former trustee Claire Tomalin, from her memoir A Life of My Own (Viking, 2017)

General Committee
Tracy Chevalier, President
Terence Blacker
Simon Brett, OBE
Richard Davenport-Hines
Maura Dooley
Anne Fine, OBE
Dan Franklin
Frances Fyfield
Philip Gwyn Jones
Hilary Hale
Nick Hern
Susan Hitch
Richard Holmes, OBE
Bruce Hunter
Paula Johnson
Mark Le Fanu, OBE
Colin Luke
Michael Ridpath
Michael Symmons Roberts
Joanna Trollope, OBE