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WritersMosaic launches a new eight-part series of events at the British Library

Dancehall dancer Shelaine Prince onstage at WritersMosaic's Blood & Fire: Passion and Lyricism event at the British Library, September 2023.
  • 20 November, 2023

WritersMosaic, a division of the Royal Literary Fund, has partnered with the British Library for a new series of live events of spoken word, music and literary performance. The eight-part series opened on 12 September with Blood & Fire: Passion and Lyricism, Caribbean lyrical writing hosted by WritersMosaic Director Colin Grant and author of I’m Black So You Don’t Have To Be, featuring poet and broadcaster Salena Godden (Mrs Death Misses Death), celebrated debut author Jacqueline Crooks (Fire Rush) and Phoebe McIntosh (The Soon Life), and Dancehall dancer Shelaine Prince.

Blood & Fire: Passion & Lyricism from WritersMosaic. Filmed and edited by Rob Akin.

This was followed by Abolition: Or, the Art of Forgetting on 17 October. Writer Bonnie Greer and historian S.I. Martin explored Britain’s role in the Atlantic slave trade, along with WritersMosaic founding editor Gabriel Gbadamosi, who launched his play Abolition that night. Sea shanties were performed by John Dipper and Dave Malkin, and images of the English slave trade were created by MissOhio.

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