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Further reading and online resources

When you first arrive at your chosen university, spend some time checking out what resources are available to help you with your reading, studying and writing. Does your university have an Academic/Study Skills Advisor or a Royal Literary Fund Fellow, who can help with essay writing skills? Does your university organize study skills seminars?

Spend some time checking out the library and finding out what sort of ‘how to write’ books are in stock. You’ll find general books as well as specialist materials that may prove useful. For example, when I was working as a Royal Literary Fund Fellow, I had a lot of third year students seeking help with a feature article project. A visit to the library identified a whole shelf of books called Writing Feature Articles – most of which had never been borrowed. It is also worth investigating whether your institution’s library produces help sheets – many do – on such things as research skills.

This section includes a selection of books and online resources that I and other RLF colleagues have found particularly helpful. Remember: the truth is out there!