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'In the end, my only way out of this crisis was to make Tony's next chapter, Chapter Eighteen, a blank page. The not-knowing could be suspenseful, I hoped. '
'I can remember the woman who was moved by my depiction of bipolar disorder to seek her own diagnosis; the mother who used a story I'd written to help her better understand her troubled son.'
'When I read Colette my expectations changed; in barely more than a hundred pages, she conjures up a world of luxury, sensual feeling and expression, and sheer beauty.'
'Self-expression is likely less universal to all artists; for me, it's essential. In my best pieces, something is at stake for my personal development.'
'I must not be present-centric as opposed to ethnocentric; I must try and free myself of the assumption that the time in which I live is intrinsically better or more advanced than another.'
'After my first book was published in 1987, suddenly people were offering me good fees to go to Cardiff or Newcastle or Belfast and read to people who had come just to see me.'
'Over three novels I had taken a child's misremembered and half-forgotten memories and turned them into fiction. I had invented a vast cast... and weaved Jamaican history into Pao's shenanigans in downtown Kingston.'
'Open document that is Novel In Progress; re-read last paragraph, feel very tired. Ten thirty; check twitter. Eleven am; coffee, peg out washing. Eleven fifteen; impatient with self for having achieved nothing this far.'
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