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'I was offered a place at Goldsmiths to read History. I didn't like history, but it was my ticket out of my home town. Some time during my three years I discovered there were bits of history I loved.'
'The articles I later wrote about this extraordinary trip may have helped sell my novel, who knows? I was fired by something else by then; the urgent need for an ocean sanctuary to protect the Kermadecs in the future.'
'I opened myself up to the learning process, committing time and money to improving my craft. The happy outcome was that my next novel manuscript found a publisher, and the work I did to fund my M.A. provided inspiration for my second.'
'When life began to be all about organising carers, care homes, sale of the family home, I surprised myself by turning to fantasy; the joy of sitting down on the bus for a few minutes and entering another world. '
'If I can't think how to make something work, or make a seam seem seamless, I put square brackets around it and go play somewhere else. Eventually the holes begin to be closed. '
'If potential readers know who Brian Clegg is and what my books are like, they're more likely to buy the next. Marketing is partly about building my brand, and partly about raising awareness.'
'I've written family memoir that blends novelised biography with history and travel writing. I've written cultural history as memoir, and memoir as prose poem. Occasionally my work has bamboozled staff in bookstores.'
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