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'I've written two novels about the Great War and both of them were inspired by one of the most haunting images from that conflict; a grainy image of soldiers from a Manchester battalion.'
'The written word is not like a conversation. There is a time gap between the stimulus and the response. I need that time, to consider what I think, and compose what I say. So I write and rewrite.'
'The days of the monocultured genre writer is long gone, if it ever really existed. Writers carry a gloriously untuned choir of voices in their heads.'
'The worst thing about that first rejection wasn't that I'd been turned down by Oxford, it was that it made me reject my own impulse to write. I had, in effect, rejected myself.'
'Don't, on replacing the recycling bin, notice the complete short stories of Flannery O'Connor resting on the kitchen table, and think you'll just take a look at the first one, to get a clearer sense of her writing.'
'I decided enough was enough. I was going to write this novel in the right order, starting at the beginning, and progressing in a masterly authorial manner, to the very end; I would tame my process.'
'I don't know what the marketing departments of publishers expect when they send out the press release for a new book by Andrew Martin; some kind of response, but not a great deal.'
'I was playing. I take play very seriously. I was wrapping prose around poems, then freeing the poems. Running prose backwards and putting in line breaks.'
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