David Brodie

Non-fiction writer


David Brodie has spent the last two decades writing about and around the sciences, both for young people and for adult audiences. Solo titles include unashamedly explanatory works such as Introduction to Advanced Physics and Further Advanced Physics (John Murray), through to the more indulgently lush Ice, Rock and Beauty (Springer). A pattern that emerges is of strong visuals alongside the text, giving rise to reviews such as ‘a beautiful book’ and ‘a visual and intellectual treat’.

This theme is continued in projects such as It’s In Your Head, for which David brought young artists together with neuroscientists to explore the implications of current brain research, and for which he edited the project publication that accompanied the exhibition at the Natural History Museum. For a variety of bodies such as the Nuffield Foundation, the University of Bristol and the Guardian, David has written about the limits of visual perception, about learning skills, on the history of cosmology, on the ethics of space travel, and on the less complex pleasures of travel on foot. A collection of visual explorations of philosophical and scientific topics is available as In Sight 1.0, on the iTunes website.

Stubbornly ignoring the cultural and professional temptations of metropolitan life, his permanent home is among the fields of west Wales. He is currently enjoying a period in China, developing English-language learning resources and teaching on ideas from science and philosophy to adults while trying to wrap his ears around the tones of Mandarin.


David Brodie

Non-fiction writer


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  • Aberystwyth University, 2008–2011