Linda Hoy

Children's writer


Once upon a time there was an author who wrote many, many books for young people — books about runaway trains and aliens, a haunted theme park, a poltergeist… a Sheffield United football supporter and… one day she heard a knocking on the door — not from a poltergeist or an alien but from the Royal Literary Fund. As an RLF Fellow, Linda soon discovered a whole new world even stranger than that of aliens and poltergeists. She explored quarks and quasars, met Schrödinger and his famous cat, explored Time and telepathy and found herself unravelling what had been the biggest conundrum in her life: the links between science and the spiritual.

In 2012, Linda published The Effect, which many wide-eyed reviewers claim to have read at one sitting. From then on, Linda wound her way through labyrinths and sites of ancient pilgrimage to discover what so many spiritual travellers have been telling us since the dawn of time: life is a spiritual quest; we each have to wind our way through our own personal labyrinth and learn how to tell a guiding thread from a doorway to disaster.

Linda now runs workshops, travels here and there, and gives talks about how to incorporate the spiritual into our everyday lives. When she stops to have a rest, Linda lives in Sheffield where she hikes through the nearby Peak District National Park, pops out for a curry, or listens to live music. She is available for spiritually uplifting talks and workshops.

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Linda Hoy

Children's writer


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  • University of Sheffield, 2007–2010
  • York St John University, 2004–2007