Louise Millar

Non-fiction writer, Novelist


Louise Millar is an acclaimed crime author. She has published four psychological thrillers in ten countries, and three short stories. Her novels explore the darker side of domestic life, specifically the impact of extraordinary and traumatic events on ordinary people. Her debut novel, The Playdate, an Amazon bestseller, resonated with readers internationally with its exploration of the trust issues faced by working parents seeking childcare in large cities. Her later novels broaden into more classic crime fiction territory, with themes including domestic slavery, stalking, and gangland coercion.

Louise’s interest in the psychology of crime and relationships was inspired by her career as a journalist. As senior editor at Marie Claire, she commissioned global investigative and human interest features, and interviewed both victims and perpetrators of crime. Her novels are also influenced by her travel writing, which has appeared in the Guardian, Observer and Telegraph. She has published five private memoirs of ‘ordinary people’, and debated in the national press and on TV the idea that fascinating stories lie within us all.

Alongside her writing, Louise is actively involved in setting up creative communities. She is a founding member of two writing groups, and co-founder of Killer Women, a professional collective of twenty-one female crime authors created to amplify and support women’s voices in crime writing. She is co-founder of the annual Killer Women crime writing festival in London, and publisher of the multi-award-nominated Killer Women anthology.

She lives in Suffolk with her family, and is writing her fifth novel.

Louise Millar

Louise Millar

Non-fiction writer, Novelist


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