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Lyn Webster Wilde writes non-fiction and fiction, and something that walks the line between the two. On the Trail of the Women Warriors (1999) asks whether the Amazons of Greek myth really existed, while Becoming the Enchanter (2003), an account of her investigations into the hidden world of Britain’s native traditions, has become a cult among young seekers after truth. Lyn has studied the medieval Welsh stories of the Mabinogion in great depth and her passion for them runs through all her work: she has explored them in drama workshops, written about them for websites, in her blog and in her books about Celtic matters including Celtic Women.

Currently, this passion is fuelling work on a screenplay, ‘The House of the Waters’, which is set in Wales and features a Welsh–Indian psychiatrist who has to solve an ancient riddle. As a television producer and director Lyn made the groundbreaking comedy series Revolting Women and many documentary films including The Other Poland, about Poland under martial law. This will be her first feature film. To raise money she is planning a series of talks about the Mabinogion.

Lyn is a creative-writing tutor for the Open University and runs independent writing workshops in her chapel home, perched on a hillside in mid-Wales overlooking Brechfa pool and the Black mountains. She also teaches t’ai chi and meditation and has been learning Welsh for four years. She loves cinema, world music and long-form TV series such as The Wire.

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Lyn Webster Wilde

Non-fiction writer


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  • University of Worcester, 2005–2008