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Sharon Maas is the author of three novels published by Harper Collins between 1999 and 2004: Of Marriageable Age, Peacocks Dancing and The Speech of Angels. Her novels have been translated into several European languages, and the first two were bestsellers in France. They are set primarily in Guyana, where she grew up, and India, her spiritual home, and her characters are invariably in quest of true identity and fulfilment against a kaleidoscope of cultures.

Since 2004 she has written several more novels, all yet unpublished, all set in her original homeland, Guyana. Her next project is to revise all her books, published as well as unpublished, and usher them into the digital age. Of Marriageable Age was released on ebook in early 2014, and the other novels will follow close behind.

Sharon has lived on four continents and changed home multiple times. Aged only 19 she hiked her way for a year through South America, and a year later made the overland trip through Europe and Asia to India, where she lived in an ashram for 18 months and learnt to meditate. She moved to Germany, got a degree in social work, worked as a probation officer, married, had two children, quit the day-job, wrote her novels and moved to England. She moved back to Germany when her German husband contracted a serious illness that left him mentally and physically disabled. She now has a day-job as a social worker in a German hospital.


Sharon Maas



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