James Sherwood presents a sample of his fashion-related literature, written for both commercial publishers and discerning private clients.
Duncan Forbes explains the significance, and the very long history, of his strange-looking writing talisman.
Philip Osment describes his literary coming-out from acting to writing, and the need to explore fresh source material as a writer's career progresses.
Sanjida O'Connell unpicks the many threads that tie her to her writing talisman - an abstract landscape painting by an artist she loves.
Steph Swainston describes how an autistic character in one of her novels led her to discover her own Asperger's Syndrome — and explains its writing benefits.
Kathleen Jones explains her changing talismans — including a special treasure that she tried to refuse.
Cliff Yates on special Sunday evenings, and why a 1970s LP record still has him in a spin.