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RLF Fellows Sarah Hilary, Peter Fiennes and Claire Williamson explore the influence of past experiences on their work, taking in everything from valuable advice to troubling family history.


In the second part of our investigation into ‘Writing versus life’, RLF writers examine the pitfalls that face writers who use material from real life in their work, paying particular attention to the ethics of story ownership, the challenge of protecting people's feelings and dealing with readers who mistakenly see themselves in your work.


RLF writers explore the link between creativity and the world beyond the desk, touching on the role of exercise, the plight of the environment and the challenges of family life.


John Greening speaks with Caroline Sanderson about discovering that poetry was his calling, and discusses his wide-ranging career in verse, editing and literary criticism.


Royal Literary Fund writers explore how their writing relates to the people around them, taking in everything from working with community groups to dealing with isolation.


In the first of a two-part exploration of the knotty problem of ‘Writing versus life’, Royal Literary Fund fellows discuss the ways writers try and sometimes fail to fit writing into their lives, including issues such as juggling family commitments, the importance of finding the right quality of silence and the value of a room of one's own.


In this installment of 'How I Write', Royal Literary Fund writers discuss how they cope with the urge to procrastinate, touching on issues such as background noise, the usefulness of deadlines and the perils of having room with a view.


Martyn Waites speaks with Doug Johnstone about learning crime writing on the job, adopting a female pseudonym and the joys of writing daleks.

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