The Writer's Talisman

Gabriel Gbadamosi finds his talisman, and his Yoruba spiritual counterpart, in a junk shop statue.
Chris Simms introduces his writing talisman, chosen from a plethora of candidates to ward off the perils of dark places in the psyche.
Harriet Castor tells the story of how an unlikely lucky break produced a lovely long-term treasure.
Duncan Forbes explains the significance, and the very long history, of his strange-looking writing talisman.
Sanjida O'Connell unpicks the many threads that tie her to her writing talisman - an abstract landscape painting by an artist she loves.
Kathleen Jones explains her changing talismans — including a special treasure that she tried to refuse.
Cliff Yates on special Sunday evenings, and why a 1970s LP record still has him in a spin.
Alyson Hallett casts a spell when she shares her writing talisman with us.