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Alexandra Benedict speaks with Doug Johnstone about writing fiction and audio drama in the Doctor Who universe, co-writing works such as the Lovecraft-themed audio drama Arkham County with her partner Guy, and her sometimes stress-inducing habit of having many writing projects on the go simultaneously.

Lucy Flannery confesses to an out-of-control obsession with stationery, explaining that every notebook and index card has a role in her creative process and reminding us that nothing is ever really thrown away when you’re a writer.

Alexandra Benedict considers the many different modes of sensory perception (including her own intriguing experience of synaesthesia), and explores how the senses can make their way into writing.

Lucy Caldwell speaks with Ann Morgan about her short stories and writing about Northern Ireland, the impact of parenthood on creative work, the lure of poetry and the knack of knowing when to stick the knife in with live audiences.

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