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How do I avoid repetitive strain injury?

“Any number of computer users perch their terminals on filing cabinets or coffee tables, and disregard the resulting discomfort. This can be very hazardous to your health especially as you will use it for long periods. The time which you spend operating your computer passes very quickly. You look up from it and find that an hour has gone past: an hour spent doing any activity in the ‘wrong’ position can cause aches and pains. Experience with computer technology over many years, in many industries, has demonstrated that such aches and pains can lead to serious problems and possibly crippling injuries such as RSI. You must take your own health seriously from the start and protect yourself by spending time properly organising your workstation – before such problems occur.”

“Managing RSI, or any non-specific pain condition primarily associated with computer use, requires the following: Two ‘Fs’: Fitness and Flexibility; Two ‘Ps’: Pacing and Postural retraining; Two ‘Rs’: Relaxation and Reinforcement.”